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LEONI S.p.A. started in 1989 as a company specialized in design and production of promotional items.

Over the years, LEONI has increased its competence and versatility through the use of highly skilled internal and external co-operators, becoming a leading company for 3D figurines and scale model kits area.

LEONI quality policy has been developed to reach and fulfil the following objectives:

  • To study and analyze its customer business area on the global market in order to propose strategically winning ideas
  • To always provide the best items possible, both in terms of quality and appeal. This trough use of selected reliable suppliers with whom LEONI has already developed years-length relationships. 
  • To provide utmost attention to customers’ needs during each project definition and development, in order to help and indicate the most appropriate solution for any possible question or problem
  • To pursue total transparency with its customers through clear and complete definition of all supply’s details
  • In the case of toys, ensure rigorous quality controls and pass stringent tests by approved certification bodies that attest to their total safety to guarantee a product that is always reliable
  • To ensure, in case of toys, absolute compliance to safety standards and regulations
  • To fulfill customer demands without mistakes
  • To guarantee agreed delivery time
  • To solve any possible customer complaint fastly and efficiently

LEONI operative staff is organized into different thematic sections, handling all productions in the full respect of the applicable material quality/safety requirements:


Handling different kind of long-term kiosk Partworks – ranging from plastic 3D figurines, polyresin characters to metal figurines – and one shot / mini Partwork for weekly magazines. Given the large scale of possible requests in terms of subjects and materials, the office is organized into a die cast section (scale reproductions of cars, airplanes etc. in metal alloy), figurines (plastic materials, metal alloys and polyresin) and generic partwork section that combines with periodicals.

Food Section

Specialized in everything that involves the creation of gadgets for the food industry. The use of adequate materials and packaging that respect the principle of non-contamination of the combined products (odor barrier) are the key principles on which this section is based.


It is a structure that operates completely in Italy and takes care, internally, from the design to the production and packaging of large promotional and loyalty campaigns. Having a very short supply chain and a complete automatism, it is able to produce huge quantities with short notice. It’s great for special and short promotions where the promptness of reaction is fundamental.

Flowpack & Loyalty Section

It deals with all newsstand campaigns, unrelated to a dossier or magazine and instead sold in a bag and display-box, and large Loyalty and  Special and Short campaigns. The constant research of new objects or materials and the  immediate responsiveness to requests are the real strengths of this section.



Shipping department is able, if requested by customer, to follow in real time transportation of goods and the transition from Chinese factories, up to customs clearance and delivery to the designated warehouses.


In order to further strengthen its service and to have direct support in China, LEONI has a side office in Hong Kong: LEONI ASIA ltd.

This company has been established to coordinate internal inspections and enhance sourcing of new products and suppliers as well as to serve as sidekick office to better follow development of all the various projects.


Partner company specialized packaging and reconditioning of goods, capable of creating dedicated packaging for the publishing sector, combining the gadget with the editorial product thanks to the use of flow pack machines and blister packers capable of handling even large formats.

Marco Polo


This project places in an industrial plan launched by Leoni SpA for the development of an innovative line of digital decoration and highly automated packaging, aimed at containing production costs and favouring the return to Europe of a now radicalized manufacturing in China.


The investment project is functional to support Leoni’s new strategic vision, completing the development of the new highly automated MARCOPOLO production line, indispensable for bringing the manufacture of premiums back from China to Italy. The main objectives pursued by the project are:

– Increased productivity and competitiveness
– Improvement of flexibility and quality
– Increased protection and prevention


The implementation of new technologies has ensured an increase in productivity and the production capacity of industrial processes, but also greater enhancement of product quality. The project made it possible to obtain innovative results in terms of:

– Innovation process
– Reduction of production times
– Reduction in unit costs, quality / price ratio and margins
– Expansion and diversification of the portfolio

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund – Total grant granted: € 81,603.67



LEONI – already ISO 9001 certified – makes use of specialized suppliers operating according to the most high quality standards. All products are made in full compliance with current regulations and are analyzed by the most authoritative Institutes of Safety to verify total compliance. They undergo strict controls during and at the end of production under the direction of our Quality Office.

Quality Policy