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How we work

To ensure the highest quality of its products, LEONI (ISO 9001 certified), relies mainly on foreign companies with same standards and principles. Moreover, all our products are manufactured in full compliance of REACH regulations.
In order to verify its products quality, all items produced by LEONI are tested and approved either by the Toy Safety Italian Institute or by TUV, ensuring that shape, functions and raw materials used are conform to limits imposed by European or foreign regulations.
Guaranteed quality on products made by LEONI is implemented through strict controls of its suppliers productive process. This through local checkings carried out by delegated members during production process (DU-PRO) and with final inspections that verify status of goods at the end of the production and before shipment (Final Inspection).

Shipping department is able, if requested by customer, to follow in real time transportation of goods and the transition from Chinese factories, up to customs clearance and delivery to the designated warehouses.


In case of “die-cast” projects, the first phase of development consists in making surveys, taking photographs and retrieving measurements of the articles you want to reporduce. Concerning projects related to generic partwork, flowpack or premium, original drawings and/or tables are required. This phase of development, followed almost entirely by Italy, leads to the creation of prototypes and 3D drawings up to the execution of the mold and the first prototype painted by injection. If necessary, the results of the various phases could be shared with customer and / or the licensee for subsequent approval and then the start of production.


The production phase consists on injection, painting, assembly and packaging, guaranteeing the highest standards of product quality in full compliance with the REACH regulation. In order to develop products compliant with the law, all the items that Leoni manufactures are in fact tested and approved by the major accredited international institutes and laboratories, to guarantee that the form, functions and raw materials used are within the limits imposed by the community and extra-community regulations.

Finally, the quality guarantee on the products produced is implemented through strict controls on the production processes of its third-party suppliers.

This occurs both through inspections carried out by delegated officials during the production process

(DU-PRO), both with final checks that check the status of the goods before it is sent

(Final Inspection).

The shipping department can, if requested by the customer, monitor the movement of goods from Chinese factories up to customs clearance in Italy and at real time.